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The Story Behind Moma Pet Comfort

The Story Behind Moma Pet Comfort

Affectionately known as Moma the Staffy, Moma was a 4 year old Staffordshire Terrier.

Rescued by my sister and my niece Iana, Moma was tortured by her previous owners, being forced into dogfights and made to breed mercilessly. After numerous pregnancies, injured and rendered useless by her owners, they abandoned her on a freeway to be hit by a car.

When my sister adopted her, she was so traumatized that the shelter (Liberty was almost thinking that Moma would never get adopted due to her breed’s misunderstood ‘aggressive nature’. But it was Moma that stole her heart.

 Moma was such an excited and happy dog. She smiled a lot, she was playful and even me not being “a dog person”, Moma stole my heart too.

When Moma came home, my sister got her a blanket. Moma loved her blanket. Wherever we’d travel, as long as she had her blanket, she was at home.  Knowing that Moma needed stability and to feel safe, we figured that other dogs would love to feel at home with their own comfort accessories. Hence, “Moma Pet Comfort Accessories. Made with Love, From Moma” or “Moma” was born.
The inspiration for the designs are guided by the sweet characteristics that identifies what she and other misjudged family pets are really like.

Unfortunately, Moma was diagnosed with cancer in early April 2019 and shortly thereafter, she passed away.
That’s why we’d also like to donate a portion of sales from Moma’s Pet Comfort™️ to local animal shelters, especially with difficult rescues in cases like Moma, where without her coming into our lives, she would have had a very short life amidst her already hard existence. We’d love to think that her time with all of us gave her the quality of life that a great dog like her deserves and would have never enjoyed. She was a true treasure and an inspirational member of our family.
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