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About BirdBamShop

A Mother and Son Variety Brand Shop by Birdie and Bam Chesson. We are a Black Owned Small Business with ALL Original and Copyrighted designed products. Our Variety Brands Feature: Anime Merch, Inspirational Clothing, Housewares and Pet Comfort Products. And so MUCH More!!!


Blog Posts

  • The Story Behind Moma Pet Comfort
    January 19, 2021 Birdie Chesson

    The Story Behind Moma Pet Comfort

    When Moma came home, my sister got her a blanket. Moma loved her blanket. Wherever we’d travel, as long as she had her blanket, she was at home.  Knowing that Moma needed stability and to feel safe, we figured that other dogs would love to feel at home with their own comfort accessories. Hence, “Moma Pet Comfort Accessories. Made with Love, From Moma” or “Moma” was born. 
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